Welcome Dr. Gary A Wilson!

RESM would like to welcome Dr. Gary Wilson to our staff!  Dr. Wilson has 40 years of hands-on experience caring for horses providing lameness evaluations and equine chiropractic care. His skills have been honed over the years providing care for equine athletes including hunter, jumper and show horses. Dr. Wilson also spends a great deal of time working with horses at private riding facilities and local horses that are owned for pleasure.

Dr. Wilson works with owners to help them understand that chiropractic spine adjustments is so important in keeping or returning a horse to optimal health. When a horse enjoys pain-free range of motion in the joints and the spine, healing and performance is greatly improved.

The best way to keep your horse in peak health is a routine lameness evaluation followed by proper equine chiropractic care.

Call us to schedule your appointment with Dr. Wilson today!