Tips for Foaling Season:

With foaling season rapidly approaching it is imperative to be properly equipped for any potential emergency that may arise.

Prior to delivery, a safe, well-bedded and clean foaling area should be readily available.

Around this time, you should have a foaling kit set up, contact your veterinarian to make sure they are aware a foal is coming, and be sure you have a proper understanding of labor and delivery.

Recommended supplements for both mare and foal that our clinic offers:

  • Platinum Performance Wellness and Performance
  • Platinum Performance Bio-Sponge Probiotic
  • Bonewise Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
  • Fullbucket Foal Probiotic

Check out the AAEP website for more in-depth information for foaling:
Foaling Mare & Newborn: Preparing for a Safe & Successful Foal Delivery | AAEP